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CHURCH SUCKS but it doesn't have to stay that way

About Us

Scott Oldenburgh

Growing up in West Texas taught me the value for being friendly, personal, and down to earth. It may not be the prettiest place to live, but the people were incredible. As a child, I attended church occasionally, but it was never a major part of my life. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I met a student pastor and a team of volunteers that saw value and gifts in me that I didn't even see myself. After trusting Christ, I surrendered to ministry at the age of 17. Staying close to home, I graduated from Hardin-Simmons University with a BA in Bible. While at HSU, I began my 10 year journey of student ministry. I had the privilege to serve in small and medium size churches both in rural and larger city settings. It was in student ministry that God began to challenge my heart for the value of the local church and I began to hunger to be part of a church that was making an impact in its community and around the world.

It was also at Hardin-Simmons that I met the love of my life, Michelle. We have been married 20 years and have 2 children, Tanner and Emily. We work hard to grow a healthy marriage and be good examples for our kids. We value family time, traveling together whenever possible, and watching our kids in their variety of sports and activities.

After finishing a MDiv degree from Logsdon School of Theology at the South Texas School of Christian Studies, God had something new planned for our family. We moved back to the Metroplex where God opened the door for me to teach at a private school and begin an athletic program. This was our holding spot while God prepared us for the next journey of our lives. It was in 2001 that we connected to a church that captured our hearts, creativity, and joy for ministry again. The details of this journey can be read in the book I authored, Church Sucks. It was during this part of our journey that God gave me a clear vision of what the local church could be and I've been pursuing this vision ever since. Since 2004, I've had the privilege of being Senior Pastor to a church that has once had nearly 1,000 in weekly attendance. I've watched as God has steadied the ship as this once vibrant church shrank to nearly 200 in weekly attendance. I've been part of great church merger experience which brought vitality back to a struggling church. And in the process I have gained experience dealing with legal suits, property foreclosures, people leaving our ministry, helping new people mix into new ministry, multiple staff changes, leasing school space to host worship services, and making the necessary changes to keep the vision of the local church strong, Christ centered, and people focused. The greatest part of the journey is that "God is not done yet!"


picture“I've known Scott since our college days and have always admired how his one true desire in life is to bring people closer to God.  Scott's ability to face a multitude of challenges and joys in life has given him a greater insight into leading the church of today.  It's an honor to call him friend, brother, teacher and mentor."

by Brent Haldeman, friend and colleague, Texas

picture“I've had the pleasure of knowing Scott both personally and professionally for over two decades.  He has a tremendously creative mind, strong character, and passion for loving God and people."

by Paul Irby, Ministry of Counseling & Enrichment, Abilene, Texas


“Coming from a traditional church background, Scott was probably doubtful of our contemporary church initially.  But after being with us a while, he fully embraced our genuineness, style and open approach.  Scott progressed from being a Life Group Leader to Executive Pastor to Senior Pastor, and throughout this process, he sought and was open to advice from others.  He was willing to try new ideas, keep what worked and discard what did not.  The church cycled through almost every phase imaginable, from starting in a school, growing rapidly, meeting in a larger school, purchasing own facilities for youth and non-Sunday worship; purchasing a larger facility, growing to a peak of 1200 in attendance in worship, dealing with a sudden leadership vacuum with Scott "grabbing the reigns" as Senior Pastor, experiencing a dramatic drop in attendance, dealing with a law suite over mineral rights, foreclosure of the facilities, moving back to meeting in a school, seeing another drop in attendance, merging with the church that originally planted us, and we are now seeing a gradual growth in attendance, salvations and baptisms.  Throughout it all, Scott focused on, led and held together most of the core members in the church.  It takes a special combination of being open to God's guidance, leadership, perseverance, management and creativity to achieve what Scott has done.  I am excited that Scott has chosen to share his hard-earned experience with others through his book "Church Sucks" and his consulting business "Church Sucks Consulting" (www.churchsucksconsulting.com)."

by Gavin Robertson, a church member for over 16 years, Arlington, Texas