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CHURCH SUCKS but it doesn't have to stay that way


The book of the similar name was published in early 2013:


Quotes from the book:

"What seemed to be a day dream of how cool church was over the past 3 years was now widely awakened to the challenges of the days to come."

"The most compelling thing I learned from the experience of leading a church through a situation that “sucked”, is that lost people won’t continue to come to a church that sucks.”

"What was clear was that as a senior pastor of a church that was thrust into a situation that utterly sucked, we would have to be committed to do absolutely whatever was necessary to make sure that the church would not continue to suck."

"We were in the midst of a situation that sucked, but we did not have to stay there."

"When evaluating what makes our churches unique, vibrant, and attractive to people outside the church, any tradition that we offer must be connected to the current vision and mission of the church."

"God has given you every resource you need to do the ministry you have been called to do."

"Nothing will communicate “church sucks” more than a lack of commitment to the quality of our ministry."

"Simple Truths: Tell the stories; put meaning to our rituals; and share the glory."

To order copies of the book, please use the following link:




picture“In this book, Scott Oldenburgh takes a frank look at the darker side of church work that is rarely talked about.  It is thought-provoking and humorous and will benefit all who read it."

by Russ Barksdale, Lead Pastor, The Church on Rush Creek, Arlington, Texas