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CHURCH SUCKS but it doesn't have to stay that way



  • Church Check-Up
  • Church Identity
  • Comprehensive Church Health Assessment
  • Coaching for Pastors
  • Ala Carte Menu

Church Check-Up (approximately 6-8 hours plus travel expenses)

The Church Check-Up is geared to provide the pastor, staff and/or leadership team a quick overview of Church Health, current demographic information of the local community and some basic suggestions on possible next steps for the church.  This will help answer “how are we doing?”, “who are we reaching or not reaching?” and “where do we go from here?”

  • Conversation/Evaluation with Senior/Lead Pastor  (2 x 1 hour coaching consultations; by phone or in person depending on church requests)
  • Church Health Survey (added expense for materials)
  • Percepts Demographic and Information Survey (free report for any SBC church)
  • Presentation of Church Health Survey and Percepts Study Results to church leadership (Presentation can be electronically or in person)

Church Identity (Church Check-Up is pre-requisite for this service) (approximately 15 hours plus travel expenses)

Vision, Strategy and Assessment Coaching with church leadership (This may be small staff team or larger church committee)  (This could be also be done at a 2 and ½ day retreat setting or offsite location; 1 overnight preferred)

             Answer the questions of:

                        What are we trying to accomplish?

                        Why are we doing this ministry?

                        What does it look like if we are successful?

                        What is our strategy or action plan?

                        What are our unique strengths? Weaknesses?

                        What obstacles are challenges stand in the way?

                        How do we build ongoing assessments?

                        What are the necessary next steps and timing?

                        What leadership challenges are we facing?

Comprehensive Church Health Assessment (approximately 35-40 hours plus travel expenses)


  • Church Check-Up
  • Onsite visit and full evaluation of facilities
  • Full programming evaluation
  • Interview of members of local community to gauge community effectiveness and reputation
  • Evaluation of marketing, communication materials, and guest appeal
  • Staff interviews and evaluation of vision buy in, pastoral support, and overall ministry happiness and effectiveness
  • Lay person interviews and evaluation of membership strength, accountability, passions and church contagion
  • Identification of “critical” issues, unique “strengths” and possible suggestions for future growth
  • Full presentation of Church Health Survey, Percept Survey, and onsite evaluation to church team, staff, or entire congregation
  • Quarterly 1 hour follow up conversations/evaluations with Lead Pastor for 1 year
  • 50% off of Church Identity consultation package if the church feels like this is a necessary follow-up step

Coaching for Pastors (hourly rate plus travel expense if required)

“Leadership is lonely.”

80-90% of pastors admit that they feel like they have no one who understands what they are facing and the feeling of isolation has led them to consider resigning.

Most church leaders/pastors report that they have no one that they can trust, confide in, and vent about issues that they are facing in their local church.

Coaching for Pastors offers 1 hour coaching sessions to offer encouragement, accountability, visioning, and leadership equipping to the local pastor.

These sessions can be done by phone or in person depending on location of the pastor.

Sessions can be scheduled weekly, monthly or as needed basis.

Ala Carte Options

  • Church Facility Assessment (approximately 4-5 hours, plus travel expenses)

    We will conduct a facility overview of your church and present a report discussing exterior and interior appeal, parking, signage, guest friendly, function, clarity and direction, maintenance up keep, and traffic flow.

  • Church Health Survey and Report (approximately 4-5 hours plus travel expenses; There is an additional cost for the actual surveys)

    The Church Health Survey is a 160-item questionnaire that measures a church's perceived health in six purposes of the church: worship, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, prayer and ministry. Church leaders choose a sampling of the church membership to complete the 30-40 minute survey, and we provide a 40 page report for the church. The report will be generated for leaders to review and present or our consultants can also be scheduled to present the information to a church staff or leadership group.

  • Communication and Media Evaluation (approximately 3-4 hours; plus travel expenses if required)

    This consultation is simply a review and report over critical communication tools like: website, worship folders, signage, advertisements, social media, logo and written communications.  This report will evaluate visual appeal, quality of presentation, and clarity of information.

  • Speaking engagements

  • Leadership training


  • 3,500 to 4,000 churches close every year
  • In the past 40 years, average church attendance has declined by at least 50%
  •  Only 1 out of 10 Senior Pastors will retire in the ministry
  •  60 to 80% of ministers leave ministry in less than 10 years; 50% leave in the first 5 years
  • The top reasons why ministers leave ministry:
    - Discouragement and frustration over critics in the church
    - Discouragement and frustration over the direction of the church
    - Moral failure
    - Burnout
    - Forced termination other than moral failure
    - Financial struggles
    - Family issues
    - Lost joy